making the jump to needles

  1. making the jump to needles

    I'm planning a cycle to run in the near future and I'm wanting to make the jump to test. I'll be running this cycle over the summer time, my only dilemma is in the middle of when I plan on running my cycle I will be out of the country for one week so won't be able to pin. I was thinking I would want to take test e at 500mg a week for 12 weeks and jump start the cycle with SD for three weeks. My question is since test e stays in the body for 10 days I could take an injection right before I leave then once I get back? I'd think this would be okay but most cycles people do 2X a week injections with test e. I'm also very gyno prone and I have letro on hand for any signs of gyno. But do you guys recommend taking nolva on cycle to prevent any on cycle signs? Or should I just take adex? For pct I plan on taking nolva and Clomid with an AI not sure on the AI yet

  2. I would keep SERMS to PCT if possible, adex on cycle would be my preference. You should be fine missing one week...could possibly wind up with a *slight* dip in gains, but honestly it won't be significant. If you were being anal about it you could do 750mg the week before you left and 750mg the week you come back, but honestly that'll probably just create a more unbalanced blood level than just skipping a week in between injects of 500mg weekly. 1 week out of 12 won't make a huge difference.

    It might not be worth the risk for you, but you could always try pre-loading 2 syringes to take along, or just shoot the full 500mg the morning you leave. Both just ideas to play around with.
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  3. if ur not gonna be able to inject for a full week, id switch to cyp

  4. Im thinking about going the cyp route, since it will stay in the system a bit longer. I would pin twice a week at 250mg then the day before i left i would just do 500mg injection and start back to normal once i got back. Would i run the adex on cycle and continue through the pct along side nolva just bump the adex dosage up for pct? Also should i run the adex down on a taper after the nolva to prevent any rebound? I greatly apprecaite the help!

  5. Stop the adex the day u start pct. adex dose should be .25mg-.5mg EOD or ED depending on how u react and how much u care about the bloat. Run the nolva 40/40/20/20 if u get some nip sensitivity if not you'll be good with 20/20/10/10. Personally, I get gyno every cycle I'm just really good at handling it at this point. Couldn't hurt to have letro on hand. I seem to always end up needing it lol. Inject Mondays and Thursdays. Start pct two weeks after ur last shot.

  6. Ps. I got a buddy of mine who's father is on TRT right now and monitored by a doc. His doc claims that injecting once a week is fine with cyp. I don't not have personal experience with it tho. I stick to prop bc I strangely seem to enjoy pinning lol (amongst the other standard reasons for using prop). Best of luck man. I also think it would help to have erase in pct most specifically for Cort control. Hope this answers it!

  7. Awesome thanks a lot for the help!

  8. anytime man thats why were here! enjoy the ride!


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