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    Hi, I'm kinda new to the site but had a good read and got a lot of good advice looking forward to reading more. Ive been training for some time now and never really been able to put much weight on even when I eat right to . At the min I'm back training and started taking sustanon 250 along with danabol , gettin pretty good results if I'm honest any advice on wat else to take or wat kinda diet you would recommend to bulk me I would gladly give it a go I've tried a lot of things like doubling my intake eating more meals but can't seem to bulk like I want to I just get lean I WANT TO BULK!! Lol!

  2. from that pic you need to eat!

    add deca in to the sust/dbol.... those 3 are the first and best bulk, the oldtimers say "if you cant grow on test/deca/dbol you cant grow on anything!" keep the protein high and you will grow, provided you put in enough cal.

  3. I'm going to add deca to my next course how much would you say to take like 1mil of each every 5 days ? At min in doin 2mil Sus every 5 days an 5 dbol every day 2 in morning 1 in afternoon an 2 at night. I am eating pretty well just can't seem to pack on the weight always seem to just cut up ive tried all sorts .

  4. You've already started your cycle correct? Pct? What does your caloric intake look like currently? Macro's? If you can handle lactose well look up the GOMAD diet. It'll add an extra 2400 calories a day and its reasonable... If you like milk that is.... How many Mg's deca are you currently taking? How Long is this cycle? Need some more info. If you're looking for just diet advice there is a good bulking section here on AM under nutrition.

  5. I meant how many Mg's dbol not deca

  6. Hardwork I started taking 2 mil sus every 5 days injecting into my shoulders and started with dbol 10mgs I'm taking 5 a day , 2 in mornin 1 around dinner time then 2 around tea time, I've had a look at the gomad diet looks good and will give it a go soon I think, as far as my intake goes I've tried allsorts today's food was this -

    7am - bowl of oats with a weight gain shake usn anabolics

    9am - 4 boiled eggs , 4 Wholemeal toast, Pint of full fat milk .

    10.30am - 2 small chicken breast

    12 noon - 2 baked patatoes with cheese. 1- Weight gain shake

    3pm - bowl of pasta with chicken

    4pm - pint of milk, Small mushroom omelette,

    6pm - half bag of small patatoes, tin of tuna.

    9pm - weight gain shake

  7. How long wud u say run a cycle cus I got myself some good Sus and pretty addicted to lifting now lol!

  8. Get rid of the weight gainer. I know it's quick and easy but if you make your own you'll have much better results. It's brutal for me to bulk I have chron's disease and its rough, but if I can do it you can. Honesty you might need to eat more fat. Put the weight on first then sculpt the body you want. Don't eat fast food every meal but you just need calories man.

  9. 12 weeks is what I ran sus at last time. What week are you on?

  10. Few people said that now about weight gain shakes I've finished the tub nrly so won't bother with anymore then , I'm on week 5 , I have put a little bit on but seem to be stickin now, the danabol are makin me stronger aswell maybe ile just have to see how it goes?? Or maybe try and find a good meal plan of what to eat an when to eat , would you say do the gomad aswell?

  11. 50 Mg's of dbol everyday for 5 weeks? Plus 500mg's of sus ? Is that correct? You should have put on quite a bit more than a "little bit" is your source reliable? Especially if this is your first cycle....

  12. How many calories are you eating a day currently?

  13. To be onest mate I don't no but will be summat I look at keeping track of I just eat as much as I can wen I can , an yes that is correct that's war I've been taking I've seen a bit but not massive changes I've done Sus and deca before this and got good results just ripped though not bulked!

  14. If you're not counting you aren't eating enough. If you have a smartphone download the myfitnesspal app. Count your calories for a day or two and I guarantee you're not eating as much as you think.

  15. ^^^ this.

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  16. People just jump right into things on here! It seems like people allergic to proper research and planning. Sust has prop in it. You should be pinning it every 3 days if not every other. You got no pct bro! think about what ur getting urself into.

  17. I've done research mate an tried a lot of advice ive been given but nothin works I can't seem to break the limit of being lean and get the bulk started no matter wat I do !

  18. Quote Originally Posted by figdaddy
    People just jump right into things on here! It seems like people allergic to proper research and planning. Sust has prop in it. You should be pinning it every 3 days if not every other. You got no pct bro! think about what ur getting urself into.


    Should have done a little more research my friend. You should have pinned sus ed or eod. You basically waste the shorter esters only pinning twice a week that's why you haven't seen growth like you think you should have. The prop and phenylprop are being wasted if you're only pinning twice weekly.

  19. What would you recommend doing then mate 2 mil every 3 days ?

  20. Quote Originally Posted by BamBams
    What would you recommend doing then mate 2 mil every 3 days ?

    What week are you in currently?

  21. I'm on week 5 mate and did 2 mil today with 5 danabol 10mgs

  22. Bail. Week 5 and no pct...judging by the ur pic your gear might be bunk (no offense). Idk what else to tell u. You did no research despite what u say. I guarantee u took a random persons advice on this one. if not u should re-evaluate ur friendships.

  23. ^^^ agree even though you probably won't.

    You need a solid pct and plan. You're just going to be shut down longer the longer you stay on.

  24. I agree with you both good advice I will do more research and get a good solid plan sorted an a more reliable source for my gear hopefully


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