Please help out with cutting cycle!

  1. Please help out with cutting cycle!

    Okay, I'm getting off a cycle of sust 250, primo, and dbol, it is week eight and have gained 15 lbs. plus, i'm taking arimidex, I was wondering , since the sustanon is active for four weeks, should I wait to start a cutting cycle further on down the road in a couple of months or so, or should I just do a 5 or 6 week cutting cycle at the end of this cycle, I have access to t3 clen, and I would also like to know what would be a good drug(s) for a cutting cycle

  2. i'd end it now, PCT, time on = time off, and than run your cutter. should put you in shape before the pool opens.

    for a cutter, i would like to try some winstrol or some EQ. i'd probably still use test as a base such as test prop, because the prop tends to have less bloat than other esters. if i were you i would get ahold of the following...

    test prop
    winstrol/eq/tren (choose 1)

    the dosages are highly user dependent.

  3. you chould keep the cycle going, although i'd get more test in that case

    i personally would wait, why start cutting in decemeber?

    as for drugs what chasec said are good choices, although diet is more important than the drugs, you could cut with test cyp and deca, you'd be bloated, but you could still cut

  4. You are foolsih to try and start cutting immediately after gaining weight.

  5. size is right. you will lose 90% of what you just gained.



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