Third Cycle Advice

  1. Third Cycle Advice

    So I'm looking to start my third cycle of PH's. My first two cycles were with a product called freakazol (it contained superdrol, haladrol, and LMG). I had done no research to that point and was recommended this product by some dick at a local nutrition store. Needless to say after my research I would never use a product like this again. I am 6'0, 180 lbs, and 13% body fat at 32 years old. My first two cycles were fairly side effect free, except for mild lethargy and sometimes intense back pumps (and probably a liver that resembles swiss cheese!). I would like to bulk up some, my long term goal is to be 200 lbs with sub 10% body fat. I am wanting to stack either halodrol or methylstenbolone with LMG. I plan on using milk thistle, long jack, CoQ10, and taurine as on cycle support and nolva as a PCT. I also take advantage of whey protein shakes post work out and C4 as a pre workout supp. I would like to run a six week cycle but am not opposed to going shorter. I can typically get enough protein in during the day, but my calorie intake can sometimes be low. Which PH (halodrol or methylstenbolone) would be my best bet to bulk up with? Would I be better off switching to a higher calorie shake? Is there something I'm overlooking as far as on cycle support or PCT? Thanks in advance for your help.

  2. what was your first 2 pct's?
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  3. Both times I used an OTC PCT that I got at the same nutrition store. Mr Dickhole told me that it was a nolva clone, but his integrity is questionable and I no longer have the bottles so I can't give you the nomenclature. I will say that it seemed to due its job, since the only real physiological change after the cycle was over was my loss of the excess water bloating. I also should add that I took armoazine on the first two cycles and planned to take it again.

  4. Mr. Dickhole is a sketchy dude, ain't he...

  5. Have you considered ProMagnon and LMG - we sell loads of this combination over here and it is a great bulker with very favourable sides.

  6. Drop all of these: milk thistle, long jack, CoQ10, and taurine.... and pick up some Talos for cycle support. Also, avoid using a high calorie shake, since they often are just a bunch of simple carbs with almost no nutritional value. Now as far as your cycle goes I would go with methylsten if you are planning on bulking.


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