Has anyone tried smi2les m4ohn or mdien?

  1. Has anyone tried smi2les m4ohn or mdien?

    anyone bought there? Thinking of buying some in bulk.

  2. FWIW, I haven't heard any complaints about the *quality* of his products. His service really leaves something to be desired though. If I were you, I would call and tell him to give you a call back when he has your order packaged and ready to go, at which time you can give him your credit card number. If you are just ordering those, he probably does have them in stock, but people have had to wait weeks for some nootropics, and he is horrible about answering emails, etc. -- All in all, you are not likely to get ripped off, but it could be frustrating to save the money.

  3. thats right I have ordere3d severel times bevore and had no complaints about the nootropics as well. I am also waiting for one order and am in phone-contactct with him once a week. But wanted to know if the phs are good as well, since many people complained about some phs-suppliers.
    any other experiences?
    has any one bought some and had good results?

  4. If it was junk someone would likely have mentioned it by now. He has been the only one w/m-dien (powder) for a while

  5. I ordered once and am still waiting. I received part of my order and had to call him because my emails went unanswered. He told me that rala was out and he would give me k-ala instead. I thought this was nice of him since the k-ala is more expensive but now a 3 weeks later nothing and more emails unanswered. I wouldnt order from him again, I cant stand bad customer sevice. Just my 2cents.



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