Injecting glutes with 1" needle

  1. Injecting glutes with 1" needle

    is it really too short, will the test still be effective subcutaneous?

  2. Well if you look at the correct area to inject it's slightly above your Glute and granted your not +15% body fat there should be no problem hitting your muscle with 1"
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  3. Even if it's injected subQ, it will still have 100% absorption.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    Even if it's injected subQ, it will still have 100% absorption.
    ^^^this... as long at it gets under the skin your good.

  5. I asked my endo's nurse the same question. When I asked for smaller guage needles, she said their 25g only come in 1". She said it is fine. But I ordered 1.5" 25g elsewhere because I like that juice real deep

  6. I guess 1" is fine but 1 1/2" would be a better option. Even if you don't get it in deep, it's not really an issue. If you have loads of fat stored up on your glutes, and you inject the solution into your fat, it will still distribute fine. Just much slower.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by threeFs
    I like that juice real deep
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