Ketotifen PCT?

  1. Ketotifen PCT?

    Jguns over at CEM is promoting the use of Ketotifen for PCT along with the standard SERM's like nolva. Here's the thread****12873

    He lists a couple of studies that show a few things.
    1- Reduces TNF A (catabolic)
    2- TNF A reduces free test and IGF-1

    Maybe a more chemically correct mind would chime in on this, as I can't tell if he's pimping it's use because, surprise, HE SELLS IT. Or, if it really does have an advantageous role in PCT. Another way to pose the question would be: are the benefits it would show worth the cost of the Ketotifen?

  2. Its a stretch because most of the studies are done with patients undergoing HRT with coronary problems (high cholesterol) or with AIDS patients. It defientyl points to some postives though. I'd say he's definetly reaching a bit and I don't know how much an effect it would have. Considering the numerous possibilities to try during PCT, not one has made THAT much of a difference than just Nolva alone. Your body simply responds at an almost set rate and only HCG would change that IMO. You could always try it.
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