First cycle help

  1. First cycle help

    Hey guys!! I'm new to this site so if I go wrong somewhere do tell me cheers...
    Training for 3 years(56kg-83kg)

    I have test e 2 10ml vials. im runnin it for 12 weeks 500mg per week(2x).I'm planning to run nolva and chlomid for pct... Another addition you guys recommend?? I'm confused with hcg..

  2. Hcg is used to stop you from completely shutting down your natural test whilst on cycle, not sure why you would use clomid and nolva for pct, nolva should be fine. You may want to add an ai in with your cycle such as Aromasin or arimidex to keep estrogen at bay and prevent gyno, always keep one of the above or letrozole on standby incase you do have a turn for the worst with gyno, you wouldn't want to get symptoms and then find out you can't get any for a few weeks... One of the vets should be along shortly with more info than me but hope this helps
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  3. This all sounds good. 2 serms probably not necessary for just a test run. Agree with the AI, I'm trying aromasin for the first time.
    Are you 500mg 2x/ week or total 500/week in 250x2?

  4. Cheers for sharing the info guys...

    I just got arimidex... It's tablet.. How much of it to take and is it from 1-12week?? Everyday??
    I have nolva and chlomid... But probs just use nolva...
    And I'm running 500mg/week... So 2x 250... Sunday and Wednesday...

  5. Hello I'm new and almost two weeks into a cycle of Sustonon 250 every Monday & Thur
    Tren200 e & deca200 once a week.
    My sleep is crap now I've put on around 10 lbs
    In less than two weeks. Letrozol on hand.
    Going to use toremiefene for pct.
    Don't know how potent source ,which was
    Referred by friend that has successfully used
    A few times with good results. Any help or advice would be much appreciated!



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