Cold/flu on cycle.. lower dosage?

  1. Cold/flu on cycle.. lower dosage?

    so theres been alot of colds, as well as the flu and stomach bugs, going around. Basically every1 i know is, coworkers, friends, etc.

    Currently on day 15 of my Ultradrol cycle at 20mg and its going good--up about 9 lbs already. but i kinda feel like i may be coming down with a cold now.

    so, my question is this: if i get sick pretty bad, should i lower the dosage to 12 or 16 mg for the time being? then right back to 20 in a few days when Im getting over it??

    reason i thought of doing that is bc being sick is hard on your body as it is, and i didnt really wanna stress my body even more with the full 20 mg. let me know what you guys think. thanx.

    --if i was closer to the end of my cycle, i might have just cut it short. but i planned on 4-5 weeks, and the gains are nice, so i dont wanna do that.

  2. Start off by thinking positive. Stress weakens your immune system. That said, I would play it by ear. If I felt 7/10 I'd carry on full throttle but that's just me.

  3. Twinlab-immunity booster, pick up a bottle & try it. Works great for me. I usually take it all winter. Also, the main ingredient, Arabinogalactan, has been shown to benefit the liver, so bonus for us ph/ds users!

  4. And take ZMA before bed. The zinc helps fend off colds among other things. You could also get echinacea if you believe in Herbals. I get a liquid echinacea from whole paycheck

  5. Yeah just cruise on 12mg

    I'd grab another ph to throw in though.
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