Novice Weight Lifter. Anavar 50mg Standalone?

  1. Novice Weight Lifter. Anavar 50mg Standalone?

    How's it going? Here is a breakdown of myself. I am a 35 year old 6'3" tall, 245 pounds with 17% bodyfat ratio.

    Here is the deal. My muscle development is not good. My arms are 16 inches around with flabby triceps. My shoulders are not build well. I am starting a weight lifting program for the new year. At age 35, time is not on my side anymore.

    I want to gain muscle and still lose what ever fat I can while increasing my calorie intake on a clean diet and cutting down on cardio. I know I will gain a bit of fat if I try to bulk and that is the issue now. So I have decided to take steroids. I have 100 pills of Anavar at 50mg each. I also have Kre Alkalyn Creatine, Need2Slin, Gold Standard Whey Protein, CytoGainer, Jack 3D, Recreate, BCAA, and fish oils.

    Should I take Anavar 50mg ED as a standalone with proper PCT to help me lose the fat while I try to gain muscle mass during my beginning phase of lifting weights or should I lift naturally for now (even though I will gain fat on top of what I have) and then four to five months in take the Var 50mg ED with 12 weeks Testosterone Enanthate AT 500mg per week?

    I have Clomid, Arimidex and HCG for PCT btw.

  2. Don't use steroids be natural for a while. You're just starting out so you should gain muscle.

  3. But what is the best way to avoid extra fat gains while bulking up being that I have some good amount of fat on me and I have under develop muscle?

    Would Var help with that being that it is a mild steroid?

  4. It would but I would consult a doctor if I were you before taking steroids.

  5. I did my physical and my blood pressure is great. I had lower it down thru my weight loss as well as taking green tea extract, garlic pills and apple cider vinegar.

    Lipids are normal except my HDL levels was slightly low but it has gone up since I lost weight.

    My testosterone went up from 348 to 601 since last year due to the weight loss. I was shocked when I read that on my charts!!!



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