Cycle and PCT advice

  1. Cycle and PCT advice

    Hey guys I'm planning out my cycle and have almost everything together but want to get some advice specifically on PCT and on cycle AI and Caber. Heres what it looks like so far:

    1-8 test prop 100mg ed
    1-8 anavar 60 mg Ed
    1-8 aromasin 10 mg EOD
    1-8 caber .25 mg e3d

    nolva 40/30/20/20
    Aromasin 10 mg EOD
    Caber .25 mg e3d

    How do my aromasin and caber doses look? I'm very gyno sensitive so estrogen and prolactin are a huge concern. Ive been doing my research but there's always room for improvement.

  2. you arent taking anything that is gonna mess with prolactin. You really should research the chemicals you plan on putting in a needle and sticking urself with. Aromasin dose is usually 12.5 ED or EOD but you should really be using when ur on cycle to control estro/bloat. Research bro! have some letro on hand in case of gyno! I get it with test too so im w u on that one! Everything looks else looks good tho. Most people on here will prob tell you to extend the test tho even tho its prop

  3. You don't think the aromasin will be enough to combat gyno?

  4. Is this your first cycle bro? 700mg prop a week is a pretty high dose and sounds like you haven't ran many cycles. Aro should be g2g with dose as mentioned by figdaddy but letro should be on hand just in case especially if your gyno prone. And also as figdaddy mentioned no reason to run caber on this cycle or pct. you would only need the caver if running something like tren.

  5. If worried about prolactin try inhibit p or some other otc product caber is strong stuff

  6. oh **** didnt see that ur dose was 100mg ED...cut that in half and ur good lol! 100mg EOD.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by j05441 View Post
    If worried about prolactin try inhibit p or some other otc product caber is strong stuff
    Yeah inhibit p works well for this. I always throw it in my cycles
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