full shut down from fail cycle

  1. full shut down from fail cycle

    It's been 3 weeks since coming off 30mg dbol 6d/w due to liver problems and I am still shut down.
    When I noticed gyno a few days after I started taking adex .5mg e3d I am still running a low amount of test lowered from 250mg to 100 mg but my balls are the size of blueberries and I feel as though my estrogen is high.
    I am getting full blood work done today and gonna run some hcg asap. Will this be sufficient pct?
    I want to avoid clomid and nolva if possible as I can be prone to mood swings.

  2. L O fuking L at your whole post.

  3. Oh awesome. Yeah those mood swings totally not worth the serms. Gyno and being shutdown is way better, not to mention you feel just great. Lol get a serm man.

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  4. You shouldnt be taking steroids...
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    Obviously we are all alpha males here and swole as ****. I know for a fact when I walk into a room I own the situation. I could literally physical dominate anyone in the room.
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    i lift to get bigger so the rest of my body is in proportion to my dick

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