T3 and prohormones

  1. T3 and prohormones

    just curious if there are any prohormones out there that could be used while on T3 and clen....i know ill probably lose a little muscle but im 250lbs and about 16% bf...

  2. Anyone can lol
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  3. Uhhhhhh ANY steroid lol. Do you know what T3 is? Do you know what clen is? Do you know what steroids are?

  4. thanks for the love but yes i know what these are..ive had plenty of experience with all...perhaps i should rephrase the question

    are there any prohormones left that will help minimize muscle loss while using T3...i normally would use Test but for the next several months i am still unable to use anything illegal as i am subject to testing

  5. 30mg of superdrol, 60mg of alpha one,

    30mg of methyl stenbolone,

    45mg of dimethazine

    oh shiit, this list is getting too long,



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