Hi all, new here and was wondering if this is the right place to get answers on a recent course..... I have finished a 10 week course of Norma test E 250mg/ml x 3/week BD anabol 10mg x 6 for the first 5 weeks for a kick start and was using some Deutsch Labs Masteron to keep Oestrogen at bay but it was **** and gave me very bad stomach so that got binned!! Some days I would feel good in the gym but most of the time my joints feel sore and dry, tired and lethargic all the time, either bloated or bad stomach and loss of appetite or finding it hard to eat meats because of dry mouth all the time! I have used Norma before and I know they are a quality lab and I have a very good source!.......other labs I have used before are the usual Rohm, Prochem etc but no matter what I take recently I'm just not getting the same results/feeling as a few years ago........is it me or has the quality of gear gone down the drain!!!?