conflicting information

  1. conflicting information

    What's going on, I'm starting my first cycle Monday ,halo plex, got the cycle figured out along with pct what I can't decide on or get a definitive answer on is Rep ranges /training routines, splits etc etc while on cycle and how this changes or should change during pct, I've gotten annoyed with the researching this because every response is different so does mean there is no best routine because everyone's different or is there something that works for almost everyone, I just wanna get some knowledgeable guys to chime in on this cause I obviously want to make the most gains while on and keep them while pct, Thanks

  2. The answer is obvious: steroids = increased load at the gym. You can push yourself harder, you recover quicker... so you should be testing the limits in all facets. If you're lifting 1 muscle group a week, switch to twice a week, etc etc etc. During PCT you want to keep intensity up, but at some point you will revert back to roughly how you were training pre cycle.

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    This ^^^


    Figure out your goals for the cycle and lift accordingly. If you want strength lift for strength. If you are after hypertrophy eat and lift for size.

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  4. Decide which body party is lagging and train that bitch twice a week.

    Nothing should really change besides that keep to the 6-12 rep ranges depending on the exercise. You will find that you recover quicker and are able to go heavier.

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