UG Pharma Savage & PCT 350 pre-cycle questions; help appreciated

  1. UG Pharma Savage & PCT 350 pre-cycle questions; help appreciated

    Hello, I currently purchased a bottle of Savage by UG Pharma, and was kind of disappointed to see that there weren't many reviews on this PH online. What do you know about this PH and would you recommend it to someone trying to gain 20~ lbs?
    Additionally, I was kind of lured into buying PCT 350 along with my bottle of Savage, and I know in order to safeguard your gains and return your hormones back to homeostasis you need a SERM. I have about 40% of a Nolva bottle left from my last cycle and was wondering if PCT 350 isn't enough, if I could just take the remainder of my nolva and purchase some more while on it? Or will I be just fine with PCT 350.
    Last but not least, would it be safe to stack both PCT 350 and Nolva? Or is that stupid?
    Thank you for your time.

  2. well UG pharma savage is a combination of superdrol,halodrol,ATD and Max LMG. so if anything this is extremely strong as well as liver toxic. An OTC PCT such as PCT 350 will most definetly NOT be enough. You should have AI on hand in case you develope estrogenic side effects, especially on somethign as strong as this and also get an actal dosage of nolva ex. 40/20/20/20. This prohormone will most definetly shut you down, so at the very least a SERM is needed.

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