Any one else get "periodic" gyno

  1. Unhappy Any one else get "periodic" gyno

    So cruise on test at 500 mgs and got a mild gyno from a dbol cycle i did 3 months back, any way right now blasting with
    Test P: 500 mgs a week
    Tren ace: 500 mgs a week

    So the strange thing is that when im wearing a shirt i can feel the gyno and sadly see it a little to. but whenever i take off my shirt it goes away and the chest looks normal with tight ass nips and i cant really feel the gyno lump, I thought is was because they got cold and sometimes that happens but it's not like the temperature in my house is so different when wearing a shirt and when not, any clue whats up?

  2. Sounds like mind tricks. Don't forget there is nipple irritation and gyno, it sounds like you may have been experiencing nipple irritation from the dbol cycle and same thing now. Gyno comes and gyno only goes with surgery.

    Side not never thought I'd run into other dedham folk on here.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Borispili View Post
    the chest looks normal with tight ass nips

  4. I get flare ups when estrogen gets to high.. But they last for a few weeks not a few hours as you mentioned and usually require a serm. Have you tried running an anti e along side your cycle? Maybe this will help or at least rule out if its gyno or not.
    Nothing I say constitutes medical advice. Please check with your medical professional before starting any diet or exercise program.

  5. Ya I know what your saying. I just got gyno from a epi cycle. I know right epi? Really? But ya it f***** me and have me gyno. Sometimes it looks like I don't even have it but other times it sticks out. I'm currently trying to find a plastic surgeon to take care of it. Cuz that is the only way to get rid of it. I've tried letro with little success.

  6. Well i run liquidex (arimdex) at .5 ml ED if not the **** gets horrible

    side note 00S4boy damn dude wanna meet up and work out


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