3rd cycle question

  1. 3rd cycle question

    Sup guys,
    stats: 6'0, 192, 24yo

    my first 2 cycles were great 1 for cut and 1 for lean bulk

    1st one(cut): test p, proviron
    2nd (bulk): test e, proviron, dbol

    both great success with great gains and retained muscle thanks to a good pct on both

    now I've decided I'm done with injectables(various reasons). And I want to start a good ph cycle before the 2012 ban.

    What is the best cycle for a guy like me?
    I want a product that is both HIGH androgenic and HIGH anabolic. I want to stay dry before comp. Which products out there right now are highly androgenic and which are highly anabolic?

    I was thinking Mstan or 4AD, I will be using my own pct materials that I have left over from previous cycle (exem, clomid, and nolva)

    is there anything close now to the old MDHT?

    Thanks bros

  2. 2012 ban... lulz

    If you want power: dzine, SD, msten, mlmg, tren(azone/avar).

  3. Lol I know I got alot of time before the bill even gets passed an not even including its grace period once it's in effect but I'm planning on stacking up and I won't be even able to run this cycle until summer but the early bird gets the worm.

    Anybody know of anything close to MDHT though? I'm really curious about this one

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