SD Havoc bridge help

  1. SD Havoc bridge help

    Looking to gain some mass and then cut. Starting wet then going dry. Have prior PH experience. Currently 6'3" 240 @ 9%. Will be preloading sup and liv juice for one week prior. Running all the typical supps (cycle sup, red yeast rice, saw palmetto, omega 3 6 9, taurine, etc). Will also being running AndroHard from PP throughout the 6 week cycle and Toco8 during last 4 weeks and pct.

    SD 10/20/30
    Havoc 0/0/20/30/40/40

    Nolva 40/40/20/20
    Erase 2 ED
    PP's TRS (sustain alpha, tcf-1, EndoAmp Max, Toco8)

    Thoughts? Think just the PP TRS and erase would be good for pct or def add the nolva? Currently have both. Go higher than 40 for Havoc?
    Thanks Bros

  2. SD: 10/20/20/30
    EPI: 0/ 0/ 30/40/50/60

    That's what i'd do if you have prior experience. Heck i would even start SD higher than 10mg.

    Liver juice is garbage. Get TUDCA or at least CEL Cycle Support. For EPI and SD i'd recommend some sort of cortisol control during PCT. Nolva will do the job for PCT.

  3. I have Ai cycle support. Would that be enough? Or add cell assist? Know how many days 1 bottle will last? From what I've read EndoAmp helps with cortisol. Anything else you recommend? Also should I double up on support during a two week bridge? Thanks for the info.

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