1. Hairloss

    I've been taking AAS for almost two years and i've lost so much hair. I've taken anything in the world you can think of for hairloss and nothing stops it including finastride. I've tried doses of finastrside from 1mg a day to 2.5mg a day on LOW doses of test and still hairloss. I know the finastride is working because at 2.5mg to much dht is being blocked and hindering the effects of the TEST. No matter whether the dose of AAS is moderate or aggressive I still lose about the same amount of hair. I use Nizoral 2% EOD. I've also created a custom nizoral shampoo that contains 2% nizoral, spironolactone, and azelic acid cream and still the shedding continues. The hairloss isnt just a specific area. Its thinning at the "widows peak" as well as all throughout the front crown I think they call it. A Can I just be shedding due to imbalanced hormones and not actually losing hair permanently to DHT since it seems the hairloss isnt being cause from DHT?

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    Does male pattern baldness run in your family.??

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    If it does, then I'm sure steroids are just speeding up the process.

  4. I'm not certain, i've never met or seen my Dad. Everyone on my mothers side of the family still has a full head of hair. So I would think it doesn't.

  5. Get your thyroid checked. Thyroid imbalance can cause shedding / hair thinning

  6. If you`ve lost much hair alredy,nothing will bring it back.

    Just shave your head.

    It will look good if you`re jacked,which I hope you are after 2 years of AAS.


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