deca, debol and tes E cycle

  1. deca, debol and tes E cycle

    i plan to use the debol wks 1-4, tes E wks 1-12, deca wks 1- 12. then extra week of tes. wait 3 wks then pct with clomid. i have carsil liver cleanser on hand if i need. but will i need to use an anti-estergen during my first 4 wks. this is my 3rd cycle. im in my 50's in great shape weighting 224. oh, is their anything im missing.

  2. Depending on how much you inject each week actually but if the dose is reasonable I wouldn't think you would need it the first 4 weeks....if your nipples start feeling weird or are tender start taking it. And I would start the clomid 1 week after my last injection and go for 6 weeks. You will still feel a crash or I do anyways even on clomid that's why I save a little bit of test to inject when I feel ****ty to just help me along while my natural test is coming back.

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