Need advise. Second cycle after Havoc cycle.

  1. Need advise. Second cycle after Havoc cycle.

    I am ready to start my second cycle just after New year party.

    First cycle was Havoc - 5 weeks 20/30/30/40/30-40.

    I use fish oil, AI cycle support, multivitamins + joint support as basics.
    and some other sport nutrition.

    For PCT I use.
    Tamoxifen citrate-40/40/20/20
    AI post Cycle Support
    Erase 3/3/3/2

    I gained about 18 pounds, but remained around 8.
    But i am very lean right now.
    I am very happy about the results.

    My second cycle will be Trenazone and havoc.

    I need some help how to stack and dosage also.

    And i have on hand this stack ( AnaBeta Elite + Erase Pro + DAA )
    It is good idea to try it before the cycle or not?

    I am thinking to do like that:

    1.AnaBeta Elite + Erase PRO - 4 weeks
    2.Cycle - 5 weeks.
    3.PCT 5 weeks.

    What your recommendation?


  2. Use it during pct...

  3. Havoc=30mg

    No serm No cycle
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by limitless3679 View Post
    No serm No cycle
    yes, I use Tamoxifen citrate-40/40/20/20

  5. Quote Originally Posted by thyrod
    Use it during pct...
    This^^^, use that stuff to keep your gains

  6. Is tamoxifen ok to use with trenazone? I know it converts into dienolone and it isn't a 19-norandrosta so it should be ok right?


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