Which prohomones to add about 10 pounds of muscle?

  1. Which prohomones to add about 10 pounds of muscle?

    I've never taken any prohormones but I am interested. I need input on which one to add 10 pounds. I have been stuck on 177lbs for a long time and I eat lot of quality protein and carbs. I am interested in the lg sciences new platinium andro series or should I take more potent ones like h-drol or M-sten.

  2. The question should be... what can i eat in order to gain weight? You cannot plateau at that weight.. my quess is that you arent eating enough. Whats the point of gaining 10 pounds on a cycle if you cant eat to maintain your gains?

  3. I'd say that the only DSHEA compliant prohormone that I got close to that off was AlphaMass from forerunner labs. Not too familiar with the new platinum line from LG, but it is possible

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