Trenazone vs trenavar

  1. Trenazone vs trenavar

    are they comparable??
    or is one better??

    ive used x-tren in the past, and I loved it. Both pretty comparable to the old x-tren (dienolone) PH?

  2. They are not comparable to xtren. They are both different from each other. Trenavar is more potent, however trenazone is non liver toxic. Trenavar will convert to tren, but i think the rate is somewhere around 15 or 20%. Trenavar does not elevate liver enzymes much at all, and can be ran up to 90mg or so without seeing harsh sides (although we're all different). Trenazone makes a great stacker, and will convert to tren at a low rate. All the usual tren side effects can be present.

    Edit: added more info.

  3. have you used both?

    i used to run xtren 60/90/90/120/120/120

    what would a comparable t-var cycle be?

  4. isnt trenazone the same as x-tren, except how its administered of course

  5. I've never used xtren or trenavar. But if you do the math vs Tren your Trenavar cycle should range between 60mg and 90mg if you can handle it. At around 100mg you'll start to have issues, allergic reaction-type stuff... can get bad. Trenavar, imo, is one of the better compounds on the market... could even be the "best" compound out now.

  6. As far as trenazone is concerned... mg for mg it should be more effective than X-Tren.

  7. Trenavar converts at a rate of probably 5%. You have to super mega dose it IMO. Trenazone on the other hand has really great reviews


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