Aspirate and how hard and nerves

  1. Aspirate and how hard and nerves

    Hey guys.

    Done my first pin the other day and had a shocker. Injecting into thigh ad as I was going on I had a slight muscle twitch, then I aspirated and only a little amount of blood came up. So I took it out, changed pins and relocated to other thigh. My question is, how hard do you pull back? How deep do you go in with a 1 1/4 pin? Can you re inject a small amount of blood in a different spot? And what would happen if you went right through a nerve or graze it (which I think I did). Does it heal or is it long term?

    Cheers fellas.

  2. You did the right thing in pulling out and changing spots. You don't need to pull a plunger full of air, just enough to see if you're in a vein. Should be obvious how much you need to pull back. You will go through veins sometimes it's not a huge deal. You should be rotating multiple sites so you won't damage spots too much. If you hit a nerve you'll know it, but again it's not doing much harm to the body and things will heal over time.

  3. Cheers mate. Yeah a mate told me to pull back a fair bit, but i was thinking you wouldn't need to much to be able to tell your in a vein. Also, do you have to get all the blood out? I'm gonna try two spots on each thigh. Which mean 4 pins/ 2 weeks in between the same spot if that makes sense? Would this give the spots enough time to heal?

  4. You can inject a new site with blood in the syringe... it's your own blood It doesn't take much of a pull to see if it's in a vein. It's not the spot we're worried about, it's the muscle group. You wouldn't inject twice in to a single muscle group. You'd use left quad, then right quad, then move on to another group, then after a week or so go back to quads. I recommend at least 7 days before re-pinning a muscle group.

    This is basic stuff brah, you should know this before running AAS.

  5. That's good news then. Yeah it is basic, but there is a lot of different info out there. Thanks mate.



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