8 weeks of 11oxo

  1. 8 weeks of 11oxo

    Currently 6'2 188lbs 12% bodyfat, up 10lbs since October. I plan on adding another 15lbs by March.
    Will probably gain a significant amount of bodyfat since doing it natty.

    I plan on running an 11oxo recomp in march so i can hold on to as much of this mass as possible while dropping some bodyfat.

    Currently 6'2 188lbs 11% bodyfat.

    The cycle plan would be 11oxo at 625mg for close to 8 weeks.
    End goal would be to be at least 195lbs 9% bodyfat.

    What do you guys think?
    Maybe try to bulk on 11oxo @ 875mg for 6weeks.

    Im pretty set on sticking with 11oxo because of hair loss issues.

  2. 11 oxo didnt do much for me as far as cutting and fat loss.

    However, when I ran it at 900 mg it seemed to help my bulk. 11 0x0 is expensive, id pick something cheaper if price is a concern.

    just my 2 cents, but i know alot of people like it for cutting so dont go totally on what it did for me. everyone is different and reacts to certain compounds differently. Good luck. LMK is you have any specific questions.

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