Ostra RX vs Research Chem Ostra

  1. Ostra RX vs Research Chem Ostra

    I've been debating using Ostra possibly stacking with other products. My goal is to shed a little BF and add a few pounds of lean mass. The reason that I'm leaning toward Ostra is the lack of a PCT. I'm not in the US long enough to complete a cycle and a pct and I'm concerned with shipping SERMs overseas. I usually have about two months in the US before I go back overseas. I'm early 30s, 205ish and BF 13 - 15%. My training experience is over 8 years.

    IS there any difference between the two? I understand that RX is pill form and RC will be liquid. Does anyone have experience with both? Is the RC stronger/more effective? I have searched for logs but there are not any detailed logs using this as a stand alone. Is it worth it for 8 weeks? Is there an alternative that would be better than a SARM?

    Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas!

  2. Billy!

  3. Interested on this too. Some of the RC have Osta so much cheaper than OstaRx or Ostanish...
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  4. i ran osta rx when it was released and currently on day 14 of ostarine. feel no difference between the 2 however im semi bulking now and was recomping then. the price makes the biggest factor.
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  5. In my opinion. Sarm search, Osta Rx and Unique in that order. I have used all three.

  6. I'm on Unique now. Only been a week so not much to report but the taste is what others have described as airplane glue.


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