question on winstrol

  1. question on winstrol

    So i ordered some Sust250 and my source sent me 3 free vials of Stanozolol 50mg per first i thought it was oral liquid but its not haha... it says "suspended in sterile aquas solution" and has powder in it and you gotta shake it.... (looks exactly like liquid anadrol i had, kinda afraid to inject it haha)

    Anyways my question issss.... I am going to be doing a straight bulk...just trying to gain as much weight as possible. I know winstrol is for cutting but if im eating wayyy over my deficit, would stacking the winstrol with my Sust do anything at all on a bulk?? I am going to be doing 600mg of Sust EW .... 200mg MWF and also i am throwing in beastdrol 40mg ED 5 weeks.... Im just wondering if adding this winstrol in a bulk cycle is a good idea... I have nothing to really do with it and wouldnt see why not haha

  2. It's an anabolic steroid. Of purse it will help. While it may not be as noticeable as dianabol or drol it will still increase anabolism.
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  3. I wouldn't throw it in. When ur bulking ur gonna be lifting heavy as **** and it'll only hurt ur joints. If you're not going for an aesthetic physique I wouldn't recommend it. Save it for the summer cut when you'll be able to enjoy its effects more.

  4. A lot of people pin winny on cycle for added bulk to skip doubling up on methyls since they're usually kickstarting w/ dbol or adrol, etc. But as stated above, it's hell on your joints, hairline and cholesterol profile most importantly so might be worth shelving to knock off some of the fat you'll inevitably gain. You could add tren on the bulk for added mass/strength if you need more instead and use the win for a recomp at the end if it's a really long cycle as well and you're intent on using it asap.

  5. ^^ lol even if u inject it, it still goes through your liver all the same buddy.



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