Hello everybody new to this site and just wanted a little advice

  1. Hello everybody new to this site and just wanted a little advice

    I've ran 2 cycles already with pct and had great gains but just want more mass. First cycle was 500mg of test cyp per week and proviron every day. And winstrol from week 4-13. Stopped test usage after week 10. Second was 500 mg test e per week and 200 mg of tren a week. Cycle was also 10 weeks. Got ripped but just not big enough....what would be a good bulk cycle guys? Was thinking of sustanon 270 and deca 250. Run d-bol at 40 mg per day weeks 1-4 with 1 mg of anastrozole every other day. Will inject twice a week will take 540mg of sus and 500mg of deca a week. Any suggestions?

  2. Test + Dbol is always a great bulking cycle, although I would just stick to test-e...never liked test blends like sustanon. I would rather be able to control exactly how long the test I was injecting would stick around.

    Don't discount tren just because on one cycle it didn't get you as big as you wanted...tren and test are kings in this game. In a lot of recent threads I've been reading from experienced users, it seems like running tren higher than test is the current trend (get it? TRENd?). Naturally you have to use caber, but test in the 200mg/wk range with tren in the 400mg+/wk range seems to be an amazing cycle for getting both gigantic and ripped, assuming you've got your supports squared away (again, anti-prolactin is extremely important).

    SD is quite a nice little kicker or closer if you can still get your hands on it as well.
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  3. ^this

    Get your feet wet with tren and throw superdrol in as a kicker or stack it with dbol
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  4. Awesome guys thanks for the help. Couple more questions....what's the difference between test cyp and test e? And at what dosage should I use test and deca per week?

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