Designer steroid control act 2012

  1. Designer steroid control act 2012

    I read through the act and if I'm reading it correctly it lists both epistane and halodrol (and their clones) as substance on the bill. But I also understand that the bill has only been proposed and not passed. So does this mean at least for the time being these two substances and their clones are still legal?

    I can't post a link to the bill but if you google designer steroid control act of 2012 and look for the "the bill" in PDF format you can look at the actual bill.


  2. Yes they are still legal right now.

  3. Thank you sir

  4. If it does get passed, and I suspect it will, there will be a grace period like there was with SD before the ban goes into effect.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. LOL i can't believe i didn't see this post... and i searched before i posted the thread. Anyways.. Link is in the other thread.



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