What is the appeal of SARMs? (S4)?

  1. What is the appeal of SARMs? (S4)?

    This product touts that it is the equivalent of testosterone without the side effects... increases lean muscle gains, destroys fat, builds bone density...

    Is there any validity to this? I find it a great claim to be as strong as AAS, but who knows?

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  3. I found S4 to be suppressive but I really enjoyed my little time with it I was using it during training for boxing matches and man, this stacked with gw I was able to hang with semi pros in the ring. Endurance was great and the recovery was amazing. Wasn't doing a whole lot of lifting but all my body weight exercises went up. I had bloods done afterwards and everything came back good.
    My two cents. Merry christmas everyone!

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  5. I've used Osta and S-4 and liked the results. I don't see it as comparable to test, but it kept me anabolic and gaining/keeping strength while dropping body-fat and bodyweight for competition.
    I found the S-4 somewhat suppressive and did a small pct with bridge and post cycle and unleashed. Done two so far and decent results for cost and low sides.

  6. Not sure about S4 but ostarine seems decent, (week 3). Balls getting smalls but I'm on TRT anyway so not worried about shutdown. But I would say 25mg/day has had an effect to the testicular shrinkage. Gains have been excellent though.
    But whichever sarm, if on TRT, could you theoretically run them continuously without cycling?
    I guess the jury's out on liver values though


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