EpiSTRONG/Ketana v3 cut/recomp questions

  1. EpiSTRONG/Ketana v3 cut/recomp questions

    Planning on kicking off the new year with a 6wk cut/recomp cycle consisting of Epi, PP's Dermacrine, and Katana v3. This is not my first ph/ds cycle, but is my first time not all out bulking during cycle. Currently I'm 6'1", 220lbs, ~11% or so. My goal is to lower bf % as much as possible and if I can put on a few lbs of lean muscle as well then all the better.

    EpiStrong - 30/30/30/45/45/45 Might stay at 30 depending on feel
    Dermacrine - (Start at week 1 and use till out, 1 tube)
    Katana v3 - ?????????????? Totally new to this and looks like it's too new for there to be many logs of people using it in this capacity. Would like to get someone's advice on when to start it and dosing.

    (I've got 2 bottles of Epi, 2 Katana, and 1 Derm) Basically just throwing the derm in cuz last time it helped with lethargy and I might as well use it up.

    TUDCA for liver
    Cycle assist
    Fish oil/multi/etc.. (normal stuff)
    Also have some liver juice on hand and a few other things if needed

    Have Nolva and clomid on hand, havent decided which to go with yet.
    FinaFlex PureTest DAA
    Erase Pro
    Cycle assist

    Now for the real questions, I'm wanting to know from those of you who've used Epi/Katana for this type of cycle how you managed your calories? Typically during my cut I would on average eat 4-500 below maintenance on average and adjust slightly up or down depending on training for that day. Would a better approach during this cycle be to eat AT maintenance on heavier days and ~2-300 below on lighter/off days? I've always leaned out real nice on Epi anyway eating a S-load so I'm thinking this would work well. Suggestions?

  2. Anyone have input on the Katana timing/dosage on this??

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