I'm running Methastadrol now. Half way through and guess what I came across...
120ml Clen, 60ml t3 and, 120ml of clomid for $50.
i been keeping my eye on these two (t3 and Clen) for a while. Been doing my research because they expire 4/13. Witch isn't too bad.

I want to finish this cycle (2 weeks left) at of Methastadrol at 30mg and possibly extend (i have 4 extra bottles ) it with a fade down to 10mg and jump on Clen and t3.
What do you guys think?
And suggestions?
And what is the beneficial value of preloading bynadrel and running it with t3?
For expeirence people, i would like to run this lightly, but not to light.... dowing recomendation would be appreciated..
im expecting objections also, OBJECTIONS WELCOME... i am seeking opinions AND knowledge.