tanked sd lmg clone

  1. tanked sd lmg clone

    10mg sd 30mg lmg
    per capsle 60ct
    what do u guys think of the dose

  2. LMG looks under dosed. 20mgs of sd is a safe solid dose. Again on the multiple Ph products, one (or more) compounds are over or under dosed. Add an extra bottle of lmg and you could do it, your body your call.

  3. Same issue as most of these products have - illogical dosing.

    30mg SD and 90mg LMG is fine for the advanced but wow it is expensive then - 20 and 60LMG seems sub maximal.

    This is why we stopped selling another SD and LMG all in one clone and simply offer a stack of the two separate now.

  4. Crazy y they still do. bloody exspenive per bottle too

  5. Quote Originally Posted by klint
    Crazy y they still do. bloody exspenive per bottle too
    how many threads have you seen of some stupid kid getting mutantplex because he thinks a 4 stacker wil make him huge? they make those ****ty products so the idiots buy them for huge bucks. anyone with decent knowledge knows to just stack it themself most of the time lol. there are some pretty good stackers out there though, like diesel for example



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