Hows my H-drol and 4-AD dosing look?

  1. Hows my H-drol and 4-AD dosing look?

    Plan to do a recomp with this, to lean out and put a bit of size on. I only bought two bottles of each, and was wondering if i shoul add in a third of 4-AD. My goal isn't to put on much weight, but to lean out more, while adding endurance and strength.


    Week 1: Cycle Support
    Week 2: Cycle Support/ 400mg 4-AD/ 50mg H-drol (for first 6 days of week)
    Week 3-7: Cycle Support/ 600mg 4-AD/ 75mg H-drol
    Week 8-11: Cycle Support/ Clomid/ Erase/ DAA

  2. Preload hawthorn berry (or your cycle support) for a full two weeks of you have any concerns about blood pressure. I preloaded one week and the BP spike of hawthorn (spikes then controls BP) and BP spike of Hdrol hit me at the same time. It was a little scary.

  3. I took 3 tabs of 4AD
    Daily on my 75/75/100/100/100/100 hdrol cycle and it felt great. No need for a 3rd bottle

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