2 Month cycle Advice

  1. 2 Month cycle Advice

    Hey guys, im currently looking at
    Ultradrol,12/12/12/12/12/12/12/12 Trenazone 1/1.5/2/2/2/2/2/2, by Antaeus
    And epi 2a3a 40/40/40/40/40/40/40/40

    I will most likely throw some ghrp-6 and grp 1-29 during and after the cycle along with Aegis Liver protection and Arime PCT and Torem for pct

    My goals are for power/bulk Ive ran Andromass and Androdrive for a month my first time with the PP TCF-1 for pct and Tren at 2ml and Andromass for 8 weeks with also the PP Pct.

    My question is What do u recommend I add/change for my stack/PCT/Liver protection I will most likely run multi vitamins as well of omega 3. I wish to look at Non Meth PHs but obviously Ultradrol is a meth ph so im not too worried about it, just preferred.

  2. Both are methyls. Do one or the other, shorten both and bridge. This seems to be a bit much.

  3. would bridging them be better than just doing one for the 2 months and taking out the other?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Hicpal
    would bridging them be better than just doing one for the 2 months and taking out the other?
    Personal opinion is just drop one.

  5. Get your feet wet with the Epi first. See if you feel like doing 8 weeks. Your body will tell you. Good luck!!

  6. should i add some non meth andro? Tbol whats your opinions on a 4 ph stack like mutant plexx

  7. Most 3-4 Ph stacks are dosed improperly. You are better off buying single compounds and dosing them correctly yourself. JMO. I have never bought one however I heard diesel by Mr supps was gtg.

  8. so what part of you thinks youve justified a stacker with a dimethyl and a methyl for such a long time? because you ran a dhea cycle for 8 weeks? youre stepping way too far into a different ball park if thats your only history with cycles

    good choice on the aegis btw. the tudca will definately help

  9. ThunderHumper is absolutely correct. You do not sound ready for all of this. If you do it wrong the tudca won't even save you. Get your feet wet with a simple Epi cycle. Learn, research, and then go a little deeper. Each cycle is a learning experience.

  10. methyl ph's are overrated in terms of toxicity, dbol, anadrol, winny etc have been ran at very high dosages for longer than 8 weeks.

    I suggest you bridge as your gains with level outs after the 4 week mark.

    I also recommend trenadrol, a non methyl.

    Use dr**** nutrition (a uk source that send internationally) buy some sdrol, trenadrol and m1t

    Sdrol: 10/20/20 (1-3weeks)
    Trenadrol: 100/150/150/50/0/150/150/150 etc (1-4/6-8weeks)
    M1T: 22.5/22.5/22.5 (4-6weeks)

    You'll easily put on 20lbs

    Pct: Nolva 20/20/20/20 Clomid 100/50/50/25

    Buying these ph's will also be cheaper than the cycle you proposed and yield much better gains.
    Running some of the best ph's for a first cycle is better than a solo sh*tty epi.

    These people on this forum complaining are stupid,
    Quote Originally Posted by AwhYeah View Post
    Obviously we are all alpha males here and swole as ****. I know for a fact when I walk into a room I own the situation. I could literally physical dominate anyone in the room.
    Quote Originally Posted by BigBalls View Post
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