New to steroids, research question:

  1. New to steroids, research question:

    Hey guys,
    i'm pretty new to this whole steroid thing, don't know a hell of a lot about them so just asking this for my own curiosty

    what kind of gains would you expect from a Tren Ace/ Test Prop cycle as opposed to a Sust/Deca/Dbol cycle? I've been told tren/test would gain lean mass whilst sust/deca/dbol would cause a bloat but would cause you to add more mass all together? whats your guys' take on this?


  2. Wow, jumping right into the deep end? You should be able to research each compound individually. Start there

  3. Tren and Prop will gain lean mass and not much bulk. I just finished that cycle and I liked it... Not the best but it was fun.

    Sus, Deca and Dbol will make you bloat and will add more size. It is the "Mass" Cycle, after all. If I may give some advice? Maybe not go so hard on your first cycle? My first cycle was Sus and Winny. I liked it a lot, put a decent amount of mass on, and I learned how I reacted to anabolics before I went head first. There is something to be said for going balls deep from the start. But it is a bit risky, and when you're playing with fire; it's not a bad idea to be careful rather than a hero.

  4. Yeah, for your first cycle I don't think I'd do either.

    I am on my first cycle, testosterone cypionate, 600mg a week for 12 weeks. I am on week 5.5, and am up 14 lbs already. I would recommend you just try the same, first. Especially at your weight

  5. Ohh yeah as I said this is just curiosity, not looking to start anytime soon but was just reading up a few different things people use together. Thanks guys appreciate the feedback



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