HELP: Getting Big With My First Cycle, Anavar

  1. Exclamation HELP: Getting Big With My First Cycle, Anavar

    I'm currently a 22 year old student in NJ and I'm going to take Anavar over the winter break. This is my first cycle with something like this. I've been working out mildly for three years now, and want to get strong and ripped. If someone would please help me with any information, but this is my current plan:

    I'm 6'6", 255 pounds
    I'll be taking:
    80mg of Anavar twice a day everyday seven days a week
    45mg of Milk Thistle twice a day everyday seven days a week
    2 fish oil and multivitamin pills, twice a day seven days a week
    **** loads of protein

    My questions are:
    Does the above information look correct for my size? increase/decrease?
    Is there anything else I need to take while on this cycle??
    What should my calorie intake be on a daily basis?
    What should my protein intake be on a daily basis?
    Is working out each muscle group 2 times a week a positive? should I do it more to take advantage of Anavar?
    Is it okay to do cardio 3 times a week for 45mins, and not loose gains?
    Is the mindset to work out as much as possible while on this? example would be 3 hours in the gym 6-7 days a week.
    Even though Anavar is a mild steroid, should I take a PCT anyway? If so, which one?

    Any advice, even a full walk-through of a day, even the week would be greatly appreciated.
    Jonathan Harris

  2. I'll tell you this, not many people are going to be willing to help you at 22 years old and with the lack of knowledge you have at the moment. Big and ripped off of just anavar? You have a lot to learn my friend. Take my advice and do your research before you jump into this.

  3. PCT is always necessary after a cycle. Nolva and Clomid.

    The advice I get on this forum most is around 1g of protein per pound of body weight.

    You should preload 2 weeks in advance with the liver support too, don't start taking it along with the anavar.

    P.S., I recommend testosterone injectable over any oral cycle but that's just me. Your poor liver will thank me

  4. I'm guessing that if you want to get strong and ripped, then its not a good looking 255 @ 6'6". is it 80mg 2x a day for 160mg? or 80 split into to 2 doses? 160 is a bad idea. Your calorie intake on cycle depends on your calorie intake normally, so no easy way to guess. protein intake should be 200+g from solid foods, and you can take in more than that to whatever you want in shakes. How often you work body parts is dependent on how well you recover, 2x a week might be ok, might not. Cardio while trying to gain mass is counterproductive to gaining mass. Working out much longer than 60-90 minutes in a single session is counterproductive too.

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