Hello this is my first log online of a cycle and my second PH cycle at that.

Cycle history:
About 4 years ago now I did my first cycle of the product Methyl Masterdol which i believe is no longer available. Had some good gains but weird sides like hair growth, back pumps, and overall muscle soreness. And at the time I didnt eat very clean, i just ate ALOT. During that cycle I went from 178lbs to the first time I broke 200 at around 201/202lbs. Downside was I gained too much body fat. So spent some time cutting back and trying to eat clean, lose the fat and start over. Well life took over and the gym became less priority and wasnt taken seriously. So for about two years I would lift only a few days a week, eat whatever, and did lots of cardio to try to make up for it. then two years ago now i decided to make the change. Eating clean, tring to have slower lean gains.

So far so good. Was at the 207lb range at 17% body fat. However i started to plateau out strength wise and wasnt burning fat. And at 21 years old was avoiding any sort of PH or steroid due to the fact im putting out test and shouldnt need to worry about. But after lots of debate and realizing most of the ideas in my head of how i want to look there is no way i will achieve them naturally. Or at least in any timely manner. SO got my diet on a massive lean gain route eating 6-8 times a day with about a 40/40/20 macro and cycling a superdrol cone. I took the A/T Mass Extreme, and absolutely loved it. Went right up to 225 after a month with the same BF%. Strength went up a ton and size was awesome. My favorite part was ZERO side effects. Maybe my genetics are good? not too sure. I made the mistake of trusting the supp guys i bought if from and for my post cycle i just used A-HD. It worked... a little bit. I lost some strength but mostly size. the only thing that stayed defined were my traps and delts. So overall i kept 15lbs of lean muscle from the cycle, just feel like it would of been better with a different PCT method.

So now its 4 months later and still the same stats, ive changed up my training to be more fat burning oriented with low intensity cardio everyday for 20-30 minutes, more super setting, and a VERY clean diet. more of a 50/30/20 macro as well.
Strength gains are very very slow and size isnt happening. SO to see what happens i picked up the new A/T product Tren+six+

I know its a decently new product and has mixed reviews all around. Im only on day 2 of it. Yesterday took one capsule in the morning and one at night, feel nothing which is expected but just wanted to make sure i have no harsh reactions. Today i have taken 2 capsules about 2 hours ago and ill do the 3rd in the afternoon. Keeping my diet and metabolism up by eating every 2 to 2.5 hours. Any suggestions on the dosing? should i spread out the three capsules morning, lunch, dinner?

As planned for a PCT on this one im gonna use Nolvadex. Suggestions of what doseage or even suggestions of this venture im taking in general?
Im all ears to advice and experience!