Testicular Pain

  1. Testicular Pain

    Hey Guys,
    I have started my Sustanon and Deca cycle about 7 weeks ago.
    its 250mg/ml sustanon and 100mg/ml deca every alternate day.
    I have had some good results so far with a little problem in the basement.
    My right testicle hurts! pain comes and goes, but usually with certain movement of my torso like, bending over or twists.
    no swelling, no lump, no redness but a little shrinkage i assume.
    Any one experienced this before?
    i am 200lbs 5.8" dont know my fat % but my waist is 32".
    I am not really good with doctors as the first thing they ask is to take OFF!
    Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. The only time my nuts hurt is when they are shrinking. It's not comfortable. At all.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Lukef2000 View Post
    The only time my nuts hurt is when they are shrinking. It's not comfortable. At all.
    But man they hurt when i bend for dead lift or lift anything heavy as i bend, slight pain stays all day but most is when i bend over.

  4. ^^^^ this

    I've only done 2 cycles of prohormones, no AAS, but around week 4-5, the boys start aching something bad for a short time, maybe a week or slightly longer.

  5. ^^^^ this..

    I've only done two cycles of ph's, no AAS, but around weeks 4-5, the boys ache something fierce. For me, usually comes and goes for about a week or so...

  6. Could be hernia.

  7. Agree with Killer, if they hurt all the time, prob want to get checked out by a doc

  8. Nothing to worry about dude. I had some killer pain in righty a couple cycles ago. Atrophy isn't comfortable. I was certain I had cancer or something. I did constant checks, and no lumps or anything abnormal. Once pct was over the pain disappeared. I also had a groin pull from slipping on some grease at work. Lower abdominal work helped that. So, I think it was a combination of the two, because shutdown does
    Cause me discomfort, but this was outright painful. All in all, you probably have nothing to worry about. If it persists after pct, probably good to get it checked out.
  9. Re: Testicular Pain

    Shaaq, I went to the docs very recently cause it felt like someone was squeezing my right one with pliers. Doc said if It doesn't last longer than a half hour or so, then its probably a kink or twist in a testicle vein. It happened about eight times in a week, then went away. So if the pain is long lasting (more than half hour and longer than a week) the next step is to have your bells scanned. Hopefully my doc was right

  10. Thanks a lot guys!
    Really appreciate your replies.
    I went for a urologist today and she (yes she) did not examine but recommended ultra sound, which is tomorrow.
    After that only she can come to a conclusion. I did let her know about the juice.
    Lets hope for the best, i will surely post tomorrow how did it go.
    Thanks again everyone!

  11. No problem, let us know how it goes.....

  12. Alright guys,
    my ultrasound tests show that there is "Varicocele" in one of the testicles (right one, which hurts)
    it is however nothing to worry about, i think in bodybuilding language its "shrinking nuts will hurt.
    Cheers guys, thank you all again.


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