Aromasin or Arimidex for this cycle? Caber or Prami?

  1. Aromasin or Arimidex for this cycle? Caber or Prami?

    Should I be using aromasin or arimidex? Here's the cycle plan:

    1-4 prop 150 mg EOD
    1-5 Dbol 30 mg/day
    1-13 Test E 600 mg/week
    1-10 Tren Enanthate 400 mg/week
    9-13 Winstrol 50 mg/day

  2. Caber and aromasin
    The advice I give is just that... Advice, purely my opinion. Not medical advice

  3. Quote Originally Posted by DangerDave View Post
    Caber and aromasin
    ^^^ for sure aromasin is easier on the lipids as well then Adex
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  4. But make sure you get legit Asin. It's not worth saving money on a cheaper RC if its bunk...

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