2nd PH cycle

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by amiller745
    If you do some research you can find a bottle of epi for $25
    these are 15mg 90pills though. not the 10 like lgi that im thinking youre talking about. and free shipping. god i feel like a rep this sucks lol

  2. Mrsupps is legit

    Keep that diet right and you can cut alot on epi alone.

    Id run 45 for 6 weeks
    Watch bp though. Spiked mine a ton.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by j05441
    Mrsupps is legit

    Watch bp though. Spiked mine a ton.
    Mine too.

  4. All ordered and on the way

  5. Quote Originally Posted by ManBeast View Post
    Not a bad cycle, taurine at several grams a day is wonderful for back pumps. I'd be wary of running any stimulant (especially 1-3, and caffine combined in a proprietary amount) in combination with epistane honestly though.
    Awesome. Manbeast is back for Christmas

  6. Looks solid.

  7. Just started my second week. Bumped it up to 40mg. I was going to run weeks 2 and 3 at 40mg but I'm thinking of maybe just running weeks 3-6 @ 50mgs. Def starting to notice the vascularity and a bit of lean mass gains. I weighed in around 158 before cycle and yesterday I weighed just under 167. I seem bloated and have been eating like a pregnant woman so I'm sure that contributes to most of the weight gain but I'm def feeling and looking bigger. Week 3 kicked me into beast mode last cycle (Halo-plex) so I can't wait to see what next week will look like. I'll keep updating here and there. I can post pics but I feel kinda homo, we'll see.

  8. Acne is starting to show up on my forehead, back, and shoulders now. Not really bad at all but it's def really starting to kick in. I'm going to up the dose to 50mgs starting next week and continue that throughout the rest of the cycle. So by the end it will be 30/40/50/50/50/50. WORD

  9. Starting third week and gyno is def starting to flair up, especially in my right nipple. I started some liquid nolva at 40mg and will probably just continue through till my PCT. Hopefully it'll calm down in the next week or so. My body sucks

  10. Hopefully it isn't from prolactin. If the Nolva doesn't help get some Prolactrone or Caber ASAP

  11. I've been running prolactrone since day one of the cycle. And I have caber on hand too but I don't think there is a need for it. I've been running the nolva for a bit and started adex. Going to taper off the nolva and run .5 EOD adex for the remainder of the remainder of the cycle

  12. *update*

    I'm getting ready to start week number 5. I've been at 50mgs since week three and have been really starting to see results since then. I was about 158 before this cycle and I weighed in at 172 yesterday. I've been eating like a pregnant woman so who knows how much of it is actual lean mass. I do look super lean and hard compared to pre cycle so I'm pretty happy. Still having issues with a bit of gyno flare... I took some nolva at first site of it and it seemed to help. I switched to adex .5 eod and it doesn't seem like its doing anything so I'm going to switch back to nolva for the remainder of the cycle and continue to take it through pct. I'm probably going to extend my pct to 5 weeks instead of 4 to help combat the gyno. Other than that I feel great.


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