1-t/4ad trans question

  1. 1-t/4ad trans question

    Well I will be starting my second cycle in a week and a half. I finished my first cycle's pct 2 months ago. I ran my cycle for 5 weeks with 1,4 and 1-ad
    week1-2 400mg 1,4 ED
    week 2-5 300 of 1-ad and 1,4
    4 weeks pct
    I gained 15 lbs LBM with this first cycle. My results tapered off the last week of the cycle so my first question is there any need for that extra week on since there were no extra gains? My thought is that to stay on an extra week might have helped to solidify my gains but I don't know so please let me know.
    my stats are 180 now 5'11" 7.5% BF
    my diet has been in check for some time minimum 180 gms protein (close to double while on cycle) 20% fat and the rest carbs with a total caloric intake of 3000.
    I have on the way 1-test and 4ad. I will be doing 3:2 ratio of ad to test with penetrate from nutraplanet(200 and 300 ED). This will equal to a 4 week cycle but mostly I have read to run it for a minimum of six weeks. The conflict I have with this is all the logs that I have read with this cycle is that the results seem to taper off in the fifth and following week. So for my second cycle is it going to be necessary to run that extra two weeks? Last question on my mind is if I should stack it with anything else? I have read that m1,4ad is popular to stack but most of the logs I have read with people throwing that in this cycle have lost more of their gains in pct. I would like to know if there is going to be something that will help me put on more mass(and worth the money invested) that will stay. I would appreciate responses from experience not just what you think. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my post.

  2. Cant go wrong with 1test 4AD transdermal....If theres anything extra you wanna add maybe 1,4 again for another good mass builder, but if your susesptable to gyno/estrogen stay away from the 1,4..estrogen can be a good thing actually you know cause it helps build mass...4OHN and 5AA are more for cuts/vascularity/boosters than good basic mass builders ...Try to stay away from the m1t, yes its super strong and fast but you cant run it long like regular stuff...dont mix 1test and m1t together, there both the same thing really , one just passes the liver better...Do the 1test4ad cycle for 8 weeks around....if you have to use m1t then do a cycle for a max of 3-4 weeks...get a blood test after

    Ive recently read on BB that rubbing the gel behind the ears gets a good absorbtion rate cause the skin there is extremely thin, so ive been trying this and ive noticed better results actually...

    Good luck

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