transdermals, sex and bed - question?

  1. transdermals, sex and bed - question?

    A newbie here -- How long does the PH stay in the skin after application? How can I make sure I am not giving some to my gf in bed? Is showering (at least 2 hrs of application) and scrubbing enough? I just get paranoid to the point that we can't hold hands with the few hours after application. Thanks.

  2. The unabsorbed PH's will remain on the skin for several hours. One theory I have is applying a transdermal gel after application will help get more through (in your case, off the skin). This can be suntan lotion, some skin mosturizers, or T-gel...whatever has PE's in it and will dissolve the powders on the skin.

    One thing to keep in mind is that the dry powders have almost a zero rate of absorption. It is only when PE's are present and still effective that the powders diffuse across the skin. So, after applying there is an hour that I would be concerned with cross contamination of your girlfriend. This is not to say that proper precautions are out the window but not to the paranoid level you're taking it.


  3. Thanks man.

  4. You will know..if suddenly she wants it twice as much as she has before..that there is some cross contamination..lmao!

    For myself, I play cautious as well..not to the point of not holding hands, but I will shower before we jump in the bed together, using lots of soap and rubbing down well with a towel. It is a bit of a ruiner for spontinaity, but other than that, it works for the few weeks your on.
  5. I try to

    I always try to keep my shirt on if shell let me. Whatever you do dont ever give her any finger action, you wont be getting any ***** and youll be choppin some wood. Or shell swear that you gave her some of clapp or something because it burns down there-LOL.I dont care how many times you wash your hands it is still on there no matter what. Plus you might always be contaminating yourself again all day by touching yourself in the application areas especially if you use your forearms and wrists. If you are going to have that type of intimate contact you might consider using some latex gloves. Signs to look out for if she does get cross contamination:: her five oclock shadow rubs your ballsack raw during oral, her clit is the size of your dick,you call home to see whats for dinner and it sounds like a man answers the phone and calls you get the picture

  6. Carnivore and the wife still doesn't know??? Hehehehe

    Big Daddy chemo so are you saying if we put on some feminine moisturizer lotion that we can increase the rate of absorption??? How long should we wait after initial application to do that???


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