EPI pulse options

  1. EPI pulse options

    I came off my first pulse cycle about a month and half ago. Pulsed Havoc for 7 weeks and have nothing but good things to say about it; Gained about 18lbs and kept 15 of it.

    I'm looking to start an Epistane pulse cycle in January and have been gathering what I need.

    When I ran Havoc, I pulsed it 3 x week, max dose at 40mg, and used Erase and Organ Shield on off days. Nolvadren-XT for PCT only.

    I have on hand right now:

    AD-3 PCT
    Cycle Armor

    My original plan was to pulse Epi 3 x week, max dose at 50mg this time, and use the AD-3 on off days (pretty much the same as what I did with havoc). Then use Nolvadren and Recourse for PCT. But I'm wondering if I may see better results using BOTH AD-3 and Recourse on off days and then using just Nolvadren for PCT again. Might not make much of a difference overall either way, but I'm just looking for some opinions...Thanks.

  2. A few questions here if I may ask. How was Nolvadren-XT? does it work well? I was considering Tamoxifene but I'm not sure. Also, how did you dose everything if i may ask? where did you begin your dose in the Epi pulse. What days did you take Epi?

  3. wow 18 lbs from a 7 week pulse is pretty huge.

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