how much you guys change training on cycle?

  1. how much you guys change training on cycle?

    I usually run a day split, sometimes 5, centered around compound moves with isolation training coming 2nd, I'm currently on my 2nd week of pmag, my 3rd cycle, but i feel like i could train every day, yet i won't. Was just curious if you guys change your training while on cycle as far as days per week, routine etc? ?

  2. I meant 4 day split, dumb phone

  3. If you're feeling ready to smash weights, do it brother. The same way you need to take extra off days if you're still sore or totally shot (not tired from work, like you squat at 95% 1RM), if you're ready, go. You're healing faster, you can train more often if you like. Just listen to your body. I'd still take a day of full rest at least once a week though.

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