2nd cycle want advice:dieselbolan v2.0

  1. 2nd cycle want advice:dieselbolan v2.0

    Going to start 4 week cycle of dieselbolan v2.0 this is what it looks like
    Week 1: d-bol 2 pills a day,8 pills cycle assist, and i dont know ifi should do forged bromo or forged atd?
    Week 2: d-bol 3 a day,8 cycle assist , atd or bromo
    Week 3: d- bol 3 a day, 8 cycle assist, atd or bromo
    Week 4: d-bol 4 a day,8cycle assist,atd or bromo
    Week 5-8: nolva 40mg for first two weeks 20mg for next two cycle assist everyday and pct revolution black everyday

    Let me know what you guys think this is my first post so hope i did everything right if not let me know.

  2. Also real quick first cycle was furuza dont know if that helps but just throwing out there

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