Anyone have experience with Prami?

  1. Anyone have experience with Prami?

    I finished a cycle of test prop and tren ace 3 months ago(not counting the month of pct)....and i thought my body was back to normal because i was now making natty gains in the gym again after being off....but i woke up with a lump on my right nip a day ago. Squeezed it a little, and im not sure but i think it lactated. I say "i think" because i could just see the gleam of light on my nip as if there was a tiny TINY droplet of water on it. I did some research and a lot of guys recommend prami. They say its prolactin sides from the tren and the nolva from my pct probably helped give me the issues. I hear a lot of success stories about the prami, any thoughts?

    Also, I was going to start another cycle in like a month. I was going to do Test cyp 600mg/week for 12 weeks and deca at 400mg/week for 10 weeks with an anadrol kickstart. This will be my first ride with deca and Ive been told that if i do i should take something for prolactin DURING the prami ED at .5mg because the deca can be bad with the prolactin sides. Good idea?

    And last but not least...should i take the prami now at .5mg ED to try and get rid of the gyno i have now? Or take the prami now, but still start my cycle in a month since im going to be taking prami while on cycle and during that cycles pct with clomid? If i start the cycle in a month then it will be 4 months after my 3 month cycle with tren and pct.

    What would YOU do?

    Thank you for reading =)

  2. I dislike Prami due to the sides... I prefer Dostinex or Cabaser.
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  3. What sides did you get my man? And should i just take it right before bed? That way if i do get these sides, ill be asleep?

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