Test E prescription

  1. Test E prescription

    Hey everyone. Its been years since I've been on this forum and have lost and or changed all my log on info. Anyway, I have been self injecting my prescription Test E for low testosterone 200mg every 3 weeks for the past approximately 3 months. My question is, if I were to start increasing my dosage to say, 500mg/week for the next 8 weeks then gradually going back to my prescribed dosage what would that do to my Test and estrogen levels?

    I am 34 6'4 245lbs and am 2 weeks into a bodybuilder cutting diet (not competing) training everyday combination of cardio, crossfit and weights.

  2. What do you think it's going to do?

  3. Well, I was hoping to gain a couple pounds of lean muscle then after the 8 weeks I could taper off back to my regular dosage and get back to "normal"

  4. I find it interesting that you don't have a major crash after 7-10 days. Every 2 weeks-3 weeks is very old school for TRT because of all the peaks and valleys.

    Why not move to 100-150 a week and see what happens. Most of us at that protocol make nice gains and have no issues with imbalances. If that isn't suiting your fancy with proper diet, rest, and goal lifting, then blast at 200-250 a week. Right now you are probably going way up and then way down, so there isn't a baseline to work off of.

    Just my .02.

  5. I agree. I feel the up and down so maybe ill give it a shot increasing. My main concern is after the increase. I definately won't be going back to 3weeks between.

  6. No, no, no. Never go back to that.

    Trust me when I say that once you are on a once a week protocol (some of us pin 2-3 times a week at very low doses) and see how much better you feel emotionally, hormonally, and physically, you'll be in a great place. Level out and see what gains you make before jumping up.

    Keep in mind that most of us just on 100-125 mg a week peak in the 1200-1300 test range with no e2 issues- way above anything guys are normally walking around with, yet still within safe limits. You'll certainly see nice gains at that level with proper diet and lifting.

  7. Ok thanks for the tips. Nice to hear from someone who has been in a similar situation.

  8. Probably explains some of my moods...


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