Ultradrol Log in the works

  1. Ultradrol Log in the works

    Alright guys, I will be starting my ultradrol cycle in a couple of weeks and I went ahead and took some before pictures. I'm posting them here so I can get a little objective feedback about what to prioritize during the cycle.

    My areas of greatest focus thus far have been arms and back since (I think) my chest and delts totally dominate my upper body. I have also been focusing on quads and they've grown quite a lot, but I have very little separation.

    Basic stats:
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 190
    Bodyfat: 9.7%
    Arms: 16 in
    Forearms: 12.5 in
    Waist: 31.5 in
    Chest: 44.5 in
    Quads: 24 in
    Neck: 15.5 in

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    I think I need to continue on arms and back and work on quad separation but what do you guys think? My overall goals are to cruise at a lean(er) 200lbs by the time all is said and done. With a little more overall mass, my outlook becomes more about definition and refinement rather than adding new mass (though I will need some). I want 200 as a baseline. This is also the fattest I've ever been.

  2. My routine is as follows:

    Day 1 (Upper Body Power)
    5x5 Bench Press
    3x5 Seated OH BB Press
    5x5 Weighted Pullups
    5x5 DB Ext
    5x5 BB Curls

    Day 2: Lower Body Power
    5x5: Squat
    5x5: SLDL
    3x20: Calf Machine

    Day 3: Back/Shoulder
    3x12: Cable Pullovers
    3x8-12: T bar rows
    3x10: Seated Cable Row
    3x12: Pulldowns

    3x12: Face Pulls
    3x10: Seated OH DB Press
    3x10-12: Shrugs

    Day 4: Arms/Hams
    3x12: Lying Leg Curl
    3x12: Seated Leg Curl
    2x15: Prone Hyper Extensions

    3x8-12: Pinwheel Curls
    3x10: Preacher Curl
    3x10: Standing Alt. DB curl
    3x12: Cable Curl

    3x12: Cable Pressdowns
    3x10: DB Ext
    3x10: DB Skullcrushers
    3x8-10: Decline CGBP

    Day 5: Chest/Quads
    3x10-12: DB Bench Press
    3x12: DB Pullover
    3x10: Incline Press
    3x10: Incline Flyes

    3x20: Machine Front Squat
    3x15: Leg Press
    3x12: Leg Ext

    I've been slacking off on my ab training for a while, I may reprioritize that after the cycle.

  3. Nice base broski! Deff get it done with some arms and delts and your correct your chest deff dominates your upper body nice work ill be here to follow
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  4. This cycle will run 6 weeks:

    I have TUDCA, Cycle assist, Nolva, DAA, and an anti-e/cortisol on hand. I'm looking for a good solid bulk (hoping to hold 10lbs after cycle). This will be my second cycle. My first cycle was P-Mag and went pretty successfully. I used it when I was down in weight to get back to where I was natural before a forced 3 month layoff from the gym. I wanted to see how well I tolerated a cycle and what training on cycle would be like. I intended to use a stronger compound to go beyond my heaviest weight, which is where I am now. I've also recently hit some PRs so I will be interested in going further strength-wise too. I can hardly wait to start the cycle. I have to start after New Years because I'm going to have to miss too many workouts with visiting family members etc.

  5. Any updates yet?



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